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The other night, when I got in from work, Mistress was already home. She was looking so beautiful in her latex outfit and her high heeled shoes. There was a certain gleam to her eye that gave me hot shivers. I was hoping that meant she had special plans for me that night.

She did, but not the kind I was hoping for. Seemed I had
displeased her by a sloppy paint job. I was renovating
her bedroom, you see. She coolly told me to strip down,
put on one of her old bras, and to kneel before a side
table in her room. A sliver of fear unfurled in my belly
as I wondered what she had in store for me.

I did as I was told, of course. Soon she began tying me
up. I felt a stirring in my cock as her hands worked.
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Mistresss ties knots Beautiful ebony Dominatrix This was Mistress, after all, and her nearness is
intoxicating. Her sharp tone brought me back from
the drift I was starting to enjoy. "You aren't in enough
trouble as is, you are going to let that nasty cock
wake up without my say so? This is going to get
real interesting," she hissed. I swallowed a reply
as she moved away from me. Much to my dismay,
she returned with her camera. "You are going to
look so shameful that I might as well show you
off. These pictures will make lovely Christmas
cards for my friends."

She moved behind me and I began to feel something
rather waxish and slick against my flesh.
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"I'm marking you", she said, as the sensation continued
gliding over my skin. "If you are so much of a sissy that
you can't properly paint a room, then you need to be
marked as such."

My head dropped at that, as I knew I could have done
a better job for her. It dropped further when she continued
on. "A real man would have done the job right", I heard
her half snicker. Then the sensation was gone, and the
sound of a zipper slowly being lowered reached my ears. I
prayed my traitor cock would not betray me as I felt the
luscious warmth of Mistress' breasts pressed against
me. "A real man would do all the jobs I need done right,"
she purred in a husky whisper.
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Femdom torments her property Mistress gives sissy something to suck on "But you aren't a real man, are you?" You are just a sissy
cocksucker. And since that is what you are, you need a
cock to suck, don't you?"

And with that, she rammed her dildo in my mouth. I
was torn between feeling shame and arousal. I hadn't
done the best I could for Mistress. But she was letting
me suck her dildo, the one that been in her pussy! My
cock started to twitch with a life of it's own as I eagerly
sucked, hoping for any traces of her taste.She noticed
and gave an evil sounding laugh. "You go ahead. You
have permission to have a hard cock. And while you
have one, I'm going to paddle your sissy ass."

My face flamed with humiliation and my cock stiffened
all at the same time. Lost in a swirl of emotion and
sensation, I surrendered to being her sissy cocksucker.
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